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B-Daht Wild N Out Show Everything You Need to Know

With a net worth amounting to millions of dollars, B-Daht is undoubtedly among the top-tier comedians present in America. Brian B-Daht Laughlin is also an accomplished actor and director. Again, he has featured in screen appearances like 2010 Wigger, 2017 Wood Adjacent,t and more. Brian also works as a radio host for his co-created show, as well as other gust shows. Also, He has had an incredibly successful career, and It is evident in his work progress. Furthermore, in this article, you will learn a lot more about the great entertainer B-Daht Wild N Out Show, through the fun facts that we have selected for you.

B-Daht Wild N Out Show

About B-Daht

B Daht is not just a comedian. Instead, he is so much more. He is an all-around entertainer who also answers the ‘actor’ title, the ‘Host’ and ‘Producer.’ Wild N Out is only one of the multiple shows that B Daht has featured on. Santillan and Wild Out are some of these shows. He also works a morning show, “3 Live Crew,” while there’s also The Freestyle Funny Comedy Show. Again, he co-founded this show alongside other top comedians like him. Some of them include Anthony Chicobean and Darrenbrand. In fact, B-Dhat is a highly accomplished performer, and no one can dispute this fact. So, let’s look into his days on Wild N Out and how she performed.

B-Daht Journey in Wild N Out Show

The comedian’s journey on Wild N Out started back in Season 6 of the show. This was in the year 2014. He worked the season through to season 8 in 2016. Then he took a break and came in again in season 15. this year Wild N out tour is happening in many places don’t miss to know who will be performing on it.

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B-Daht Performance in Wild N Out Show

On the show, B-Dhat came in as a new cast member in the 6th season and appeared in 5 episodes. Again, he came three times in Season 7ands Season 8. Finally, in Season 15, B came in again as a recurring cast member for two episodes. Furthermore, all their performances by him were superb, with an outstanding presence.

B-Daht Biography

We all know the star comedian as the amazing B-Dhat. However, that is only a stage/professional name. B-Daht is originally named Brian McLaughlin. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 11, 1982.

FAQ About B-Daht

Here are a few questions that will give you more insight into who B-Daht is.

Who is B-Daht?

B-Daht is an American comedian, radio host, and show producer.

How old is B-Daht?

Brian McLaughlin was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 11, 1983. Therefore, he is 38 years old. However, he will become 39 years old by September 2022.

Where is B-Daht from?

Brian McLaughlin is from St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States of America.

What does B-Daht do?

Being a man of undeniable outstanding skills, you’d be interested to know that the 38-year old comedian attributes his success to his faith.


Having learned more about the performer, we hope you did enjoy reading about him. Therefore, you can do well to check back in for more exciting information about your favorite celebs.

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