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Burpie Wild N Out Show Everything You Need to Know

Burpie is one of those talented comedy acts that you just cannot get enough of. Since his arrival in 2009, it’s been from one great performance to another. He’s been on multiple shows including Joking Off, Wild N Out, Miller Lite Comedy Search, and others. So, this piece covers his time at Nick’s Wild N Out Show plus other interesting information that you’ll not mind knowing. Therefore, get ready to learn about Burpie’s journey and performance on Wild N Out. Also, you will get to know about his age and origin right here.

Burpie Wild N Out Show

About Burpie

Buried in that kind of ‘light up the scene’ comedian who would just make you love whatever he comes up with on stage. He is able to incorporate relatable scenes by bringing in experiences that his audience can easily get on with. Likewise, he is known for his thoughtful plots that no doubt finds a nice place with people listening to him.

Burpie Journey in Wild N Out Show

Burpie came into Wild N Out in Season 8 of 2016 and 2017. He arrived as a new cast member and got on with the act.

Burpie Performance in Wild N Out Show

After season 8, Burpie was a recurring member of the show’s cast, in another season. This was in the 15th season of the show. He appeared alongside other comedians and cast members like Do Boy, Hitman Holla, Jay Cloe, and others.

Burpie Biography

Burpie is only a professional name for the stage comedian whose original nomenclature is Jeremy Alsop. Jeremy was born in 1984 in Bowling Green and kick-started his career in the comedy about two decades later in 2009. He has worked with high-profile artists like Nene Leakes, Dave Attel, Dave Chapelle, Kevin Hart, and others.

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FAQ About Burpie

Who is Burpie?

Formally named Jeremy Alsop, Burpie is an American Comedian and he works mostly on stage stand-up.

How old is Burpie?

Burpie was born on January 5, 1984. Therefore, Burpie is currently 38 years old.

Where is Burpie from?

Burpie hails from Bowling Green, a town in Virginia in the United States of America. Also, this is where he was born over 30 years ago.

What did Burpie do?

So, Burpie’s talent has carried him to places including multiple shows as well as Power98FM. And, this is where he works as a radio personality.


While much isn’t always said about talented acts like this, we endeavor to bring them to your screen by doing these pieces about them. Now, this does not only help them to gain more awareness. Rather, you are also able to learn about their amazing art and why they should always be in the public’s face. This is the success that required effort, and it’s good to applaud such. Because it will encourage other hidden talents to take the ropes and pull too. Well, if you enjoyed reading this, you wouldn’t mind some of our other articles on wild n out Cast members. Therefore, endeavor to come regularly to check them out. intelligent

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