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Jessie Woo Wild N Out Everything you need to know

Haitian-American singer cum comedienne Jessie Woo was recently trending quite hard for the you-know-what reason. If you have not been winging the Wild N’ Out series, you must have caught the sensational Twitter moments when it occurred. Still, it didn’t, you have come to the right place, and we will be serving you with the hot gist right here. Furthermore, there’ll be extra as you will get you meet the comedienne herself, and clear about some fun facts about her.

Jessie Woo Wild N Out

About Jessie woo

Jessie Woo got on board with the ‘Love and Hip Hop: Miami’ in its second season in 2019. Then, the Haitian native tried to get her music career together and out into the world. She was on the ‘Take It To The House’ play on the show.

Jessie woo journey in wild n out Show

Jessie Woo’s journey in Wild N’ Out show started not quite long ago: she joined the series for its Season 16 and has been around since then. She is listed as one of the cast members to perform again this season on the ‘Old vs. New School’ cast. Last August, Jessie Woo blew off twitter when her ‘joke’ video on the series flew out of the room onto Twitter. If you are not aware, we will let you in on the ‘joke’ in the next section.

Jessie woo performance in wild n out Show

Jessie was on the show for a less-than-one-minute session singing some lines for Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” Apparently, not everyone; in fact, no one was ready for the mini-bomb that fell out of Jessie’s mouth when she replaced a line of the song with “And I… I’m dead.” Well, that humorous line did not seem quite funny, especially to die-hard fans of “The Voice” – Whitney Houston. In fact, the immediate crowd present in the Wild N’ Out venue expressed their shock with different stunned faces. And this actually made the episode even more hilarious.

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Jessie woo Biography

Jessie Woo is a 34-year old American singer from Montreal, Canada, who has also got strong ties with her Haitian heritage.

FAQ About Jessie woo

Who is Jessie woo?

Jessie Woo is an active member of the ‘Love and Hip Hop: Miami’ show; she started her Wild N Out journey in its 16th season, back in 2021.

How old is Jessie woo?

Jessie Woo was born on July 6, 1987. Therefore, she is presently 34-years old. However, by July 6, 2022, Jessie Woo will be 35-years old.

Where is Jessie woo from?

Jessie Woo is known to be from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

What did Jessie woo do?

Following the Twitter backlash, the singer took to social media to respond to the harsh comments that followed her I’d N Out session. She particularly mentioned that she had nothing but love for Whitney Houston, who is apparently her idol.


It has been incredible sharing the upsides and downsides of the cast member with you; in relation to her time on Wild N’ Out. This year also happening wild n out show don’t miss to know about Wild ‘N Out Tour 2022.

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