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Aarona Lopez Wild N Out Show Everything You Need to Know

Aarona Lopez is one of America’s bright stand-up comedy stars all the way from Chicago. She’s been around for over one decade. And she has grown from being the newbie on the block into a big internet celebrity. In fact, she is said to be working towards the title, ‘America’s Favorite Funny Girl,’ and she indeed is going for it. Aarona is not only famous for her storytelling and engaging presence on stage. Instead, she is also more loved for her multi-talented abilities. One of the best highlights of Aarona’s comedy career is the improv comedy show produced by Nick Cannon of Wild N Out Show.

Aarona Lopez Wild N Out Show

About Aarona Lopez

The Los-Angeles based performer has worked a lot to get to her globally recognized figure. This is evident in her multiple work experience across the entertainment industry. The intelligent artist practiced and enhanced her skills in comedy at the Annoyance Center, Second City Chicago, and iO West. All of these centers are in Los Angeles, in the United States of America. She is, in fact, the creator and director of Velvet Circus.

Aarona Lopez Journey in Wild N Out Show

Aarona’s journey in Wild N Out started in Season 7 of the comedy show as a new cast member. She was cast alongside other members of the show like Matt Riff, DC Young Fly. This was during the season premiere of Fabulous/Kevin Hart.

Aarona Lopez Performance in Wild N Out Show

Aarona only began her stand-up career in comedy career sometime before she joined wild n out show. Her performance in the season was quite epic and very applaudable.

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Aarona Lopez Biography

Aarona Lopez was born on September 8 in 1982 in Chicago. Actually, she has worked on multiple shows to showcase her talent. Likewise, Aarona actually owns her self-produced comedy show. This show is titled Velvet Circus. the actress cum TV personality also plays the role of the host in the show.

FAQ About Aarona Lopez

Who is Aarona Lopez?

Aarona Lopez is an American comedian, TV show producer, actress, director, and singer. So, you can see that she is a bundle of talents. Hence, she should be more recognized.

How old is Aarona Lopez?

Aarona Lopez was born in Chicago on September 8, 1982

Where is Aarona Lopez from?

Aarona Lopez is from Chicago, Illinois.

What does Aarona Lopez do?

In only half a year that she began her career in comedy, she got recognized. In fact, she was named the “New Face” at the Atlanta Comedy festival. Aarona also owns a YouTube channel, entitled AaronatheVirgo. Hence, she has got more than 16,000 subscribers and a few videos. This has helped to teleport her celebrity status.


Evidently, Aarona Lopez’s career is reaching for the hilltop and we’re watching it skyrocket. Also, it’s quite easy to envision her making it bigger every day. This is because of the kind of investment that she makes in herself and her career. We look forward to seeing the comedian more. Also, we hope for a possible return to the Wild N Out cast.

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