Aida Goitom Wild N Out Show Everything You Need to Know

Renown for being a top writer and editor, you’d be wondering what business Aida has git with Nick’s Wild N Out show. Well, news flash! The brilliant writer has git more talents than you were oblivious of, one of which is the ability to hold her crowd in control with her skills as a comedian. This multi-talented star has worked with the finest in the editorial industry, one of which is as an Executive Story Editor at HBO, working on Issa Rae’s new show. She has also written for Netflix’s Big Mouth, among others. For this article, we will introduce yet another superpower of the actress cum writer, speaker cum comedian. Hence, we will be exploring Aida Goitom Wild N Out journey and her performances.

Aida Goitom Wild N Out

About Aida Goitom

Aida Goitom’s style is nothing short of being excellent. Firstly, right from her social media interactions and engagements, it is easy to affirm Goitom’s expertise in handling the crowd and influencing them with her works. So, these range from her comedy videos to raps, musings, and more. Hence, combining her artistic abilities in acting and writing, Aida has been able to feature in multiple TV roles, including as a co-host alongside Louis and Ira Madison in the “Keep It” podcast.

Aida Goitom’s Journey in Wild N Out Show

Goitom’s journey in Nick’s show began with her feature in Season 14 of Wild N Out, which premiered in August 2019. Then, Aida joined as a new cast member on that season alongside others like Amber Diamond, David Shine, Maddy Smith, Santon, and others.

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Aida Goitom Performance in Wild N Out Show

Also, Aida Goitom was a member of the Black team in Season 14, and she appeared in two episodes of the show.

Aida Goitom Biography

Aida Goitom is formally known as Aida Osman from Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States of America. Her active years in the film and entertainment industry have numbered up to about 5 years. Further, she is an accomplished writer, editor, actress, and comedian. Her stand-up comedy career started way back in her teen years. Also, she was only 16 at this time. Likewise, the beautiful star girl has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, for which she is recognized.

FAQ About Aida Goitom

Who is Aida Goitom?

She is an accomplished writer, editor, actress, and comedian.

How old is Aida Goitom?

Aida Osman was born on July 11. However, As of May 2021, she was proclaimed to be a 23-year old. Therefore, she is currently figured to be about 24 years old.

Where is Aida Goitom from?

Aida Goitom is from Lincoln, Nebraska.

What does Aida Goitom do?

Aida Goitom has been making herself worthy of global recognition through her exploits around.


The Lincoln-born Wild N Out star is one of America’s finest. And, reading about her works and abilities should help encourage aspiring talents like her to achieve global success in many spheres. And, if you’d like to learn more about wild n out stars, this is the best medium. Therefore, stay tuned for information about your favorite Wild N Out stars.

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