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Akaash Singh Wild N Out Show Everything You Need to Know

Recently, the name, ‘Akaash Singh’ has been making rounds in the media in conjunction with the ‘Bring Back Apu’ trends. Known for being a superb stand-up comedian, Akaash also performs outstandingly in public speaking. So, when he’s not on the stage cracking the audience up, he’s busy entertaining others on his podcast, Flagrant 2 he co-created with Andrew Schulz, battling it out with his interesting perspectives. His podcast cuts across cultural lines, politics, sports, etc. He has reiterated that his specials are uniquely made for him, his listeners, and more, his people. Resulting of his diverse interests and knowledge, you can trust to always find Akaash doing interesting stuff. Read the article below about Akash Singh Wild N Out Show full episode.

Akaash Singh Wild N Out Show

About Akaash Singh

We know Akaash for his talent in stand-up comedy today. However, all that we see now stem from his early days in maximizing his skill in school through talent shows, as a teen. In a bid to take his career more seriously, Akaash left pre-med school to focus alongside his friends in LA. However, beyond his comedy career, Akaash Singh has titled as a writer, actor, and podcaster. His early career days began with appearances on shows Guy Code on MTV and Nick Cannon’s improv comedy, Wild N Out. Interestingly, his first open mic event at Los Angeles Legendary store did not go so well. But today, he’s a blown star.

Akaash Singh Journey in Wild N Out Show

So, Akaash has been active in the industry since 2007. And, his journey in Wild N Out can be traced way back from Season 6 to Season 7 of the show.

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Akaash Singh’s Performance in Wild N Out Show

Singh’s comedy is generally influenced by culture and racism, as he works towards lending his voice to the disparities. Then, he had featured in 5 episodes of season 6 and one in season 7. After Rasika Mathur, Akaash Singh is the second Indian-native comedian to be on the Wild N Out show. Also, his performances were all outstanding and engaging.

Akaash Singh Biography

Akaash Singh is an Indian American comedian. He was born on May 4, 1984. While he also has Indian origins, the actor cum comedian was raised in Dallas, Texas in the United States. Hence, he possesses dual citizenship.

FAQ About Akaash Singh

Who is Akaash Singh?

As stated, Akaash Singh is an Indian-American comedian, writer, actor, and online personality.

How old is Akaash Singh?

Akaash Singh was born on May 4, 1984. Therefore, he is 37 years old.

Where is Akaash Singh from?

Akaash possesses two nationalities. However, Akaash Singh is from Texas, USA.

What does Akaash Singh do?

Akaash Singh is an influential comedian and is growing to be in the top-tier group in stand-up comedy.


Akaash Singh is gradually working his way up to become a very popular comedian, one of the most influential in American history. And, it had be interesting to watch the Indian-American native get to the peak of his career in Stand up comedy.

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