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Bonnie Godiva Wild N Out Show Everything You Need to Know

Apart from being such a beautiful melanin Queen, Bonnie Godiva here is a talented artist who has topped several lists as one of the industry’s best battle rappers. So, her very early rap battles are reported to have been on the all-female battle rap league, Queen of the Ring. This year Wild n Out doing a tour don’t miss watching wild n out tour 2022 live.

Bonnie Godiva Wild N Out Show

About Bonnie Godiva

Bonnie Godiva has gone on to be in the top league of all times best as she is regarded to be one of the most active and talented in the said field. Likewise, she holds a track record of having performed in RBE’s Blood, Don’t Flop, Sweat, and GTN among others.

Bonnie Godiva Journey in Wild N Out Show

In her entire career, Bonnie Godiva has been able to feature on the Wild N Out in one season. This was in the 9th season of the show, back in 2017. The show had 16 episodes, and Godiva came in as a member of the Black Team in one episode. Her entry into the Cast list of Nick’s show was sealed through her success in the So You Wanna Wild Out.

Bonnie Godiva’s Performance in Wild N Out Show

Among the 15 participants that were in for the contest, Bonnie Godiva was able to make it to the list of Finalists and even took it a notch higher. And, this was when she became the winner of the contest among other finalists. Some of the other participants are Talent A Blake, Tori Piskin, Fearless, and Natalia.

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Bonnie Godiva Biography

Bonnie Godiva is the very common name that we know this rap star as, and which we call her. However, Bonnie Godiva is her professional name and not her official birth name. So, she is originally named Jasmine Latty and she is an A-Lister in the league of female rappers.

FAQ About Bonnie Godiva

Who is Bonnie Godiva?

Bonnie Godiva is a talented artist who is very popular for her amazing artistry as a rap battle performer. Also, fans love her for always giving excellent performances.

How old is Bonnie Godiva?

Bonnie Godiva was born on October 15, 1989. Therefore, she is currently 32 years old.

Where is Bonnie Godiva from?

Bonnie Godiva hails from Yonkers, New York.

What did Bonnie Godiva do?

Apart from her amazing talent in rap, the outstanding performer also works as a top-notch event planner. This is another proof of her talents.


With the continuous revolution of inclusion in music and the superb talent that the female folk to the table, it is no surprise to learn about artists like Jasmine. Also, Bonnie Godiva has been working quite hard as a rapper in the entertainment industry. So, it is only right if she gets the recognition that she deserves. Therefore, we hope that this piece has given you a fair knowledge of her art and skills. So, if you’d love to see more of what the genius rapper does, you can check and follow her social media. Because, she’s got a considerable amount of fans, and you can join them too if you want.

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