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Bobb’e J. Thompson Wild N Out Show Everything You Need to Know

It looks like we have them in streams across the industry – these multi-talented geniuses who excel so well at not one or two, but three or more skills. Bobb’e J. Thompson is another tone of such brilliant entertainers. We have dedicated this piece to giving you some information about his laudable career, and his meaningful presence as an American performer.

Bobb'e J. Thompson Wild N Out Show


About Bobb’e J. Thompson

Bobb’e J. might be most popular for his acting prowess. Yet, ardent fans of his other skills could fight tooth and nail to prove that he is more talented in his other skills. Likewise, he bears the actor title and manages it so well equally being a rapper, a dancer, and a comedian. Right. So, if you’re wondering how he can do all of that, this is a big welcome to you into the group.

Bobb’e J. Thompson Journey in Wild N Out Show

Thompson arrived on Wild N Outback in Season 11 of the show. Although, he has been in the entertainment industry since the early 200s. His first season was in the year 2018 and he appeared in 14 full episodes of the show. Then, he went on as a recurring member of the show’s cast to appear in over 60 episodes more in subsequent seasons. So, his time on the show has been quite interesting.

Bobb’e J. Thompson Performance in Wild N Out Show

Having spent that much time on the show, you can tell that Thompson brings quality content to the table and is not half-baked. Also, he’s been coming back over time as he’s quite versed in the art and fans love him for it. Likewise, he is popular among his counterparts. Hence, it is safe to say that he knows his onions pretty well. Therefore, he is deserving of more accolades. So, let’s move on to more interesting information about the talented actor.

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Bobb’e J. Thompson Biography

At the tender age of five, Bobb’e kick-started his entertainment career by featuring as a child actor in multiple movies. These include My Baby’s Daddy, Shark Tale, That’s So Raven, Joey, and others in his early years of acting. However, he was soon able to grow out of minor roles and began his prominent roles as he grew much older in the industry. Now, even if he can’t be termed a typical old veteran in Hollywood, one can tell that Thompson has no doubt, paid the right dues.

FAQ About Bobb’e J. Thompson

Who is Bobb’e J. Thompson?

Again, Bobb’e J. Thompson is an American performer who is skilled in acting, dancing, rapping, and doing great comedy.

How old is Bobb’e J. Thompson?

Bobb’e Thompson was born on February 28, 1996. The actor cum comedian is currently 26 years old.

Where is Bobb’e J. Thompson from?

Bobb’ J. Thompson was born in Kansas City, Missouri in the United States of America, in February 1996.

What did Bobb’e J. Thompson do?

So, before it was ended some time ago, Bobb had had a great show going on in his name, titled Bobb Says. However, this show was only available for a year before it was no more. Hence, you can say he also had a good try at being a Television host.


If you’re a fan of good comedy, then you just have come across Thompson’s works several times. He’s put together a pretty interesting career journey, and we hope this was worth your read and time. For the upcoming wild n out show the full wild n out cast was annound.

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