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Justina Wild N Out Everything You Need To Know

Justina Valentine is one of the fan-favorite cast members on the Wild N Out show. This is for no other reason but her ever-engaging and fun presence on the show. Also, there’s her ability to keep things going with other cast members with little or no hitches. It feels good today to finally go on an exciting exploration about her time on the show, as well as learn more about her.

Justina Wild N Out

About Justina

While fans of the Wild ‘N Out show only met the 35-year-old entertainer on the show, she has actually been around for a while. Justin’s launched her music career with her Route 80 mixtape. Then, she released her hit singles, “Bubble Gum” and “Hip Hop Joan-Jett” in 2013. Following this, Justina has released two more mixtapes, one Extended Play(EP) titled Valentine, and three albums. She has also been on multiple MTV shows as a host, and a co-host on How Far Is Tattoo Far in and Basic to Bougie since 2019 to the present.

Justina Journey in Wild N Out Show

Justina’s journey in the Wild N Out Show began over five years ago in Season 8. Since then, the New Jersey rapper has been on the show alongside other recurring cast members.

Justina Performance in Wild N Out Show

For anyone who actually watches the show, it is a known fact that Justina is that kind of cast member that you would never want to miss their face on a single episode. The rapper is a fantastic team member, and you can see that in her manner of relations during the show. Observations also show that she is pretty free-minded as she is known for being a flirt with other members during the show. In all, Justina’s performance as a cast member in Wild ‘N Out has been nothing short of excellence.

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Wild N Out Justina Journey Episode


Justina Biography

Justina was born in Pasaic County, New Jersey in the United States of America. She was born on February 14, 1987, hence her Valentine’s day name. Her career as a musician was bred right from home as she was born into a family that was passionate about music. Thus, when she started working toward music for a career, it was no surprise.

FAQ About Justina

Who is Justina?

Justina Valentine is an American entertainer and performer. She works as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and model. She also performs as a show host.

How old is Justina?

Justin’s Valentine is 35 years old.

How much does Justina make on Wild ‘N Out?

Being a Wild ‘N Out girl is quite profitable as they get opportunities for getting modeling jobs and appearing in film productions. In all, Justina Valentine is worth about $1.2 million. However, her exact pay on Wild ‘N Out is shrouded in mystery.

What did Justina do?

Apart from singing and rapping, Justina is also a talented theater performer and dancer.


Justina’s time on Wild ‘N Out has been undeniably excit,ing and we do look forward to seeing yet again at the Wild ‘N Out that’ll begin in May.

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