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Lovely Mimi Wild N Out Full Episode Live Online Streaming

Lovely Mimi is yet another Love & Hip Hop alum who made it to Wild N Out. Being a sensational social media beauty Influencer herself, Lovely Mimi has continually made a name for her brand and herself as a TV personality. Popularly called the ‘nail architect’ by her followers and fans, Mimi has lived up to this with her amazing nail creations, even with the tight competition online.

Lovely Mimi wild n out

About Lovely Mimi

Lovely Mimi is of double origin as a Vietnamese and American native. Mimi is quite popular for her voracious ability to create conversations and following them up with full energy. This is standard, for her online personality. Mimi originally works as a nail technician and stylist, in fact, being the owner of one of the best nail salons around.

Lovely Mimi journey in wild n out Show

In season 13 of Wild N Out show, Lovely Mimi broke the record as the first Vietnamese cast member on the show. In fact, she still stands to be the only Vietnam-American member of the cast.


Lovely Mimi performance in wild n out Show

Likewise, her pop-infuser rap performances have been exciting and engaging. For fans of the beautiful, big and bold singer, she’s got the right stage persona to suit their excitement.

Lovely Mimi Full Episode

Lovely Mimi Biography

Myha Thi. Luong, also known as Lovely Mimi was born in Vietnam on August 20, 1990. However her parents had to flee from her place of birth to Silver Spring, Maryland. This was only three years after she was born, in 1993. Before then, she had spent her early childhood in a refugee camp in the phillipines. Thus, Mimi earned American citizenship, as she was raised from childhood. Despite being a beauty professional, Mimi jas also taken a step towards music. Back in 2016, she had collaborated with 5ive, which was one English Boy band. Then, they had released a record, “We don’t care”. The social media star is also a mom, and she mothers two beautiful children; Jay Skinner and Juice Skinner.

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FAQ About Lovely Mimi

how old is Lovely Mimi

Lovely Mimi was born on August 20, 1990. Therefore, Lovely Mimi is 31 years old. But, by August 20, 2022, she will become 32 years old.

where is Lovely Mimi from

Lovely Mimi is from Vietnam. She was and raised as a toddler is one of the refugee camps in the Philippines.

what did Lovely Mimi do

Lovely Mimi has been working towards expanding her brand and garnering more influence online. Presently, the TV personality has got about 1.7 million followers on her Instagram channel. Likewise, on YouTube, she has got more than a million subscribers. Mini is one of the most present on the media among the Wild N Out ladies and she is going quite well for herself. We actually look forward to see a bigger beauty establishments in her name. This is because she has been working in that regard.


We will fill you in more on interesting updates about Wild N’ Out members regularly. Until then, we hope that you enjoyed the proper introduction of Lovely Mimi that we have provided.

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