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From being an athlete in College becoming to a renowned music star, Hitman Holla’s transition is quite fascinating. Interestingly, Hitman’s choice of music genre is not so far-fetched from his previous vocation. He has made a name for himself in the practice of battle rap, for more than two decades, since 2008. Come learn about his journey as an American artist, his time and performances on the Wild N’ Out show, and lots more!

Hitman Holla wild n out

About Hitman Holla

Hitman Holla’s rap battle exploits have mostly been on SMACK/URL, Battle American Fight Club, and of course, the renowned Wild N Out show.

Hitman Holla journey in wild n out Show

Hitman Holla’s journey in Wild N Out began way back in season 6 of the improv comedy show. Since then, Hitman has been one of the best regulars on the show. In his very first season, he featured in six episodes. Then, he had featured consequently and consistently in all the series that cane after season 6. In fact, his appearances in each season has been in more then 10 episodes each! Talk about a Wild N Out loyal.

Hitman Holla performance in wild n out Show

For someone who had consistently been on the show, it’s expected that Hitman Holla’s performance would be nothing short of excellent. Furthermore, his performance on the Wild N Out show even supercedes the stage. Recently, he co-filmed and released a piece, ‘She Bull’ alongside Wild N Out producer, Nick Cannon.

Hitman Holla  Full Episode


Hitman Holla Biography

He might be Hitman Holla to the wide populace. However, this Missouri-born rapper’s original name is Gerald Fulton, Jr. Tiff, House Party, Diddy Dum Dum, are some of his records. Also, the rapper is a recurring member of Games People Play, which is a show nu BETS Sports. However, his time in URL was short-lived. This was mainly as a result of his threat words to fellow artist, Norbes. He has threatened to knock him out, a statement that was faulty in itself.

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FAQ About Hitman Holla

who is Hitman Holla

Hitman Holla is an American battle rapper and actor.

how old is Hitman Holla

Hitman Holla was born on March 29, 1988

where is Hitman Holla from

Hitman Holla is from St. Louis, Missouri.

what did Hitman Holla do

For those who might not have known Hitman Holla as a Wild N’ Out performer, you must have caught the headlines back in 2021 when the rapper experienced a home invasion. Then, this caused quite an uproar as his girlfriend sustained injury from being shot. The situation had put the raper in public eye, making him a topic for blogs for a period of time.


The Wild N Out is one of the most loved shows in the USA. Being a comedy television episodic series, it is one show that fans always look forward to watch. So, bringing the fantastic cast and crew members right here to your fingertips is our utmost pleasure. Therefore, if you enjoyed this, you’d love to read more from Wild N’ Out stars.

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