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All Girl Performers List in The Wild ‘N Out Show

The Wild N’ Out Girl performers are some of the most talented and beautiful women in entertainment. Hence, we have compiled a list of all-girl performers present in the wild n’ out show. We just cannot wait for you to meet each of them.

Aarona Lopez

Aarona Lopez Wild N Out

Creator and TV host of her comedy show, Velvet Circus, Aarona Lopez, are among the top stand-up comedians in America with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. After auditioning for the Wild N’ Out show once, Aarona could only get in the second time. Furthermore, the comedian, singer cum actress appeared in three episodes of the 7th season of wild n out.


Kandie Wild N Out

Kandie is a Campton-California-born rapper and comedian. Formally named Jay Will, Kandie is a recurring member of seasons 12 and 16 of the Wild N’ Out improv comedy. Also, he is a strong advocate of the LGBT community; and has released a couple of successful records as a rapper, especially for his viral single- “The Voice.”

Aida Goitom

Aida Goitom Wild N Out

Multitalented American entertainer Aida Goitom is a vastly experienced comedian who has served in multiple entertainment groups like Keep It, Group Therapy, and Vice Live. She is also an accomplished writer and actress, curating “Big Mouth” on Netflix. Aida ha

Amber Diamond

Amber Diamond Wild N Out

Again, Amber is another Wild N’ Out queen who has had multiple experiences as an American performer. From Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood to Raising Fame, among others, Diamond has appeared in multiple television shows, even before arriving on the set of Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out. Amber Diamond is a model and actress from Chelsea, Alabama, born and raised before moving to Hollywood, CA.

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B. Simone

B. Simone Wild N Out

Simone is that TV personality capable of making the magic hit every time she appears. A woman of many titles – as a comedian, singer, actress, and beauty influencer, Simone has been out on the internet influencing her many beloved followers. The beauty queen joined the Wild N’ Out show in Season 9, featuring 5 episodes. Since she has been a recurring cast member.

Lauren Flans

Lauren Flans Wild N out

From “Boom Chicago” to the musical/sketch/comedy group in Los Angeles, “Lost Moon Radio,” Lauren Flans is one comedian that has got the talent and continually shows it. Lauren is famous for her ability to mash-up comedy with singing ever so effortlessly. She is known for coming out as the leading person among others in rap battles that she has featured in. Lauren appeared on Wild N Out in seasons 5-7 and season 15.

Becky Robinson

Becky Robinson Wild N out

From her time as a student at the San Diego University in California, USA, Becky Robinson has been on her way to becoming a star comedian. Then, following her TedxTalks feature, Becky Robinson moved on to Not Safe With Nikki Glaser, Art of the Deal. Also, she has featured on shows and films like Straight Up With a Twist, Court Order, Acting Up among others.

Blair Christian

Blair Christian Wild N out

Blair was a loved and popular face in Wild N’ Out, season 8, when she joined the cast in season 6 and stayed till season 8. Christian is a stand-up comedian, fashion entrepreneur, and screen performer.

Lovely Mimi

Lovely Mimi Wild N out

Mimi is a popular Instagram influencer and celebrity who majors in the beauty niche as a nail technician. Mini has got one of the most potent and formidable online presence. She has got influence over millions of followers who love her art. Mini became a part of Wild N’ Out in season 13. She joined as a cast member. And, the Vietnam-American star has been around since.

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Bonnie Godiva

Bonnie Godiva Wild N out

Bonnie is no stranger when it comes to comedy; however, there’s a craft that she’s proven to be superwoman-like at. This is her rap battle skill. Bonnie Godiva is a recurring Wild N’ Out member, and she has been in the group, actively participating as a cast member.

Maddy Smith

Maddy Smith Wild N out

Apart from being named a comic to watch at the 2019 New York City Festival, Maddy Smith’s stand-up comedy career has received more appraisal. This is because of her consistent craft honing in comedy. The Buffalo, New York native, has been a Wild N’ Outcast member since season 14.


Summerella Wild N out

25-year-old Summer Boissiere, more famous than Summerella, is a great singer and songwriter. She hails from the city of Atlanta in Georgia. Summerella’s prestigious ineffective social media influence has earned her a large social media followership. This makes her one of the top Instagram influencers around. The melanin beauty was in Wild N’ Out season 9 for two episodes.

Teresa Topnotch

Teresa Topnotch Wild N out

Beautiful Teresa Celesta, professionally known as Teresa Topnotch, is an American actress and comedian. Teresa debuted her acting career in the mid-2010s. Some of her most notable television appearances include Millenials, Lust. Likewise, there are Seven Deadly Sins, Tales, among others. She has also worked with groups like Baller Alert, Bossip. And, The Shade Room, and Wild N’ Out. Her Wild N’ Out appearances have been in seasons 12 to 15.

Vena E.

Vena E. Wild N out

Furthermore, we have Vena E. She is popular for her comedic Instagram skit-making talent and commanding presence. She is a successful comedian and internet personality who has amassed fame and wealth and has progressed in her career through her fascinating comic creations. Moreover, having starred in multiple shows, Vena’s fame has helped her connect with brands. that she has got ambassador does with. Again, the Miami-based comedian was on Wild N’ Out from seasons 11-16.

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Justina Valentine

Justina Wild N Out

This Hip-Hop rapper, singer, and model might be the last on this list. However, she’s no less than a star performer. Justina Valentine is most famous for being the ‘Queen of the Underground’. Born in New Jersey, the rapper influences her music and social media. Further, she is a proud owner of three big albums, one EP, and multiple hits. Also, Valentine has repeatedly proven her artistic excellence. The singer joined Wild N’ Out in season 8, and she has been around since then.

Final Words

Well, we trust that you had a great time meeting with the different queens of Wild N’ Out? Therefore, we look forward to providing more juicy info from the Wild N’ Out show for you. So, stay connected to the blog for more updates.

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